La Luna Sangre Cast 2017 A Pinoy Tambayan Series

La Luna Sangre Cast 2017

Amidst all the romance, Sci Fi, tragedy, Pinoy Channel ABS CBN raises a fantasy drama series La Luna Sangre that revolves around the world’s most famous mythical creatures, vampires and Dracula’s. Translated in English as “Bad Moon”, an ancient prophecy takes the center stage which states that a young vampire and a young wolf will fight their way to reconcile wolves and vampires. In another scene, Matea and his wife Lea who were former immortal vampires, now lived their lives as mortal vampires raising a mortal child.

Pinoy TV Series La Luna Sangre Storyline

Living in suburban corn fields, they decide to spend the rest of their mortal lives as others. Sandrino, on the other hand grabs hold of the prophecy, and orders his henchman to murder and her daughter Malia. The clan of the vampires finds out at Sandrino plan and decides to protect the mortal family as much as possible. But due to inside informants, Sandrino’s men find him them and destroy Mateo and Malia and they are successful but fate had something else is in stored as the child who was murdered was not Malia but someone had replaced Malia with some other child, and hence Malia is saved and lives secretly under the protection of vampires and were wolves and is taught all the special martial arts techniques so that she grows up to be a powerful leader.

La Luna Sangre Cast 2017

Directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina, this powerful storyline has attracted the masses to a considerable extent. The ratings have reached more than 10% and are expected to increase further and faster. The element of costume designing and special effects are expected to soar the ratings of this fantasy allegory. Many famous actors and actresses who have taken part in this Pinoy Tambayan drama are played by Kathryn Bernando, Daniel Padilla and Richard Gutierrez. The first episode was to air in June 2017 and so far 25 episodes have been aired so far revealing the story step by step to its awaiting viewers.