MMK Maalaala Mo Kaya A Saturday Evening Slot ABS CBN Show

If someone would ask the Filipinos, which program portrays and amplifies their feelings and emotions, the answer would be “Maalaala Mo Kaya”. ABS CBN Pinoy Channel aired this program 25 years ago. Hosted by Charo Santos Concio, the theme of the program revolves around a reenactment of real life traumatic situations and miracles of various people. These people are not celebrities but common people from common backgrounds. They are interviewed one on one with the host behind the camera in which they share their grievances, how they lost their loved ones.

MMK Maalaala Mo Kaya

The stories are reenacted by famous and emerging actors and actress who play their part beautifully and efficiently such that the storyline touches the heart of the viewers. Due to its invincible format, the network is forced to take a time slot out for re runs as well. This show is also aired on the radio stations of Philippines due to its high demand.

MMK 25 Maalaala Mo Kaya Episodes

With 1000 episodes in its portfolio to boast about, the highest ratings achieved by the mega show were 50.1% recorded, the program has achieved the height of popularity. Some of the most famous and notable episodes of this anthology are “Ferris wheel”, “Pier 13”, “Lobo” and “Regalo”. Due to its extreme demand and fame, the international Filipino channel and TFC aired the amazing episodes with subtitles so that the demand of the international viewers from Canada, Indonesia and Dubai would be satisfied.

Maalaala Mo Kaya Fame

In the year 1994, due to the high level of fame at that time, a movie version of Maalaala Mo Kaya was also filmed in Japan starring Aiko Melendez and Richard Gomez where as in the year 1994, Metro Manila film Festival awarded Mendez as the best actress for her performance in the movie version. The drama anthology also has a paperback (pocket books) novel under ABS-CBN publishing. The high demands of its viewers have forced the network to air this program in the evening slot on Saturdays. Although earlier, the show was aired on weekdays 3 times a week.