Overview of the Pinoy TV Shows of Pinoy Channel

Countries like America, continents like Europe, Australia hold a position in the world when it comes to providing flawless entertainment of all types. They have set a scale of perfection that everyone in their capacity, are trying to reach up to. But in the opinion of uncountable masses and pretty much all of the east and west Asia, Pinoy Channel mingle the essence, tradition, language of Philippines with the soaring elements of the western media, so when this cake is baked, the product is called “Pinoy TV Shows”.

Pinoy Channel A Brief Introduction

Starting with a low scale with only a single broadcasting agency, the television and film media has grown beautifully riped with time. The most famous widely spread networks are basically three namely ABS-CBN, GMA, and TV 5 network. BEC (Bolinao Electronics Corporation ) was one of the most earliest and in fact pioneer of Filipino television corporation, founded by a Jewish gentleman namely James Lindenberg. However after few years, Linderberg partnered with Antonio Quirno (brother of former president of Philippines) and changed the name to Pinoy channel to expand its popularity throughout Philippines.

Pinoy TV Shows

In the year 1952, Alto Broadcasting Service and Chronicle Broadcasting Network merged together to form ABS-CBN corporation. After that, the acronym was shortened by erasing the “Corporation” suffix from the name. ABS-CBN is not only a TV program provider group but it is one of the largest entertainment providers of Pinoy TV Shows in Philippines. It also hosts numerous popular radio shows as well 40 to 60% revenue for the television entertainment industry is generated by ABS-CBN alone.

Pinoy Teleserye

A comparatively small network in popularity and deliverance but achieved a greater milestone as compared to its rivals, GMA network inc. has given the PINOY TV some really amazing reality as well as drama shows. The Pinoy teleserye is based in one the busy cities Quezon city. It owns 2-3 famous radio shows and a very popular news network.

An American correspondent was responsible for the founding of this amazing network. In 1967, its first television network, RBS TV channel was launched. After various trial and errors, the company name was changed into GMA networks.


Due to its excessive experimentation in almost all the genres, the most watched and commonly found genres in the Pinoy TV are melodrama, romance, thriller, comedy, romantic comedy, variety shows, reality shows, SCIFI, tragedy are the most common emotional platforms on which Philippine dramas are executed upon. One more attribute that streamlines the Pinoy tv dramas and sitcoms, are the glamorous attire and makeup of the actors and actresses of Pinoy Tambayan. Most of them like Bianca King and others have become a role model for fashion and glamour of Pinoy Channel.


Currently a wide range of pinoy drama series belonging to different genres is making headlines in and outside Philippines. Some dramas with outstanding plot like “Haplos” in which the story revolves around good and evil characters whose ancestors (Grandmother Biring) had magic powers. The supernatural powers are trickled down in two respective individuals Angela and Lucile. Angela inherits the power of caresses, that can heal the evil as well as physical disability inside you where as Lucile’s power of caresses does quite the opposite, whereas “Wildflower” is a story of a young woman scorned for life after facing some ill fated incidents when she was young. As she grows up, the power of vengeance grows with her.

Short Summary of the famous Pinoy Teleserye of Pinoy Channel

No story will be complete without the mentioning of “Pusong Ligaw” and "The promise of forever" where the stories revolve around intense love triangles unfolding in a strange way. “Ika-6 na utos” is another epic making its mark at a fast pace, the reason being its mesmerizing plot of an unfaithful husband and how the wife deals with the situation and rises from the ashes. Whereas, “Ang Probinsyano” and “La Luna Sangre” shows that Pinoy TV is again experimenting with horror and Sci Fi by illuminating a “twin brother tragedy” as well as a fight between vampires and humans, a plot experimented upon for the very first time.

In short, the answer to range of finding complete elements of arrangement and fulfilling all the terms of entertainment is none other than Pinoy channel.