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Pinoy Teleserye

A comparatively small network in popularity and deliverance but achieved a greater milestone as compared to its rivals, GMA network inc. has given the Pinoy channel some really amazing reality as well as drama shows. The channel is based in one the busy cities Quezon city. It owns 2-3 famous radio shows and a very popular news network. It was founded by an American correspondent in 1967. Its name RBS was changed in to GMA. At this stage, in the 1960’s, Pinoy TV was coming popular among Philippine nationals.

The storyline, amazing plots, incredible acting skills were being recognized, loved and appreciated by neighboring countries like Indonesia and Sri lanka. Multiple genres were introduced including SCI FI and reality shows. Due to twist of plots and amazing emotional yet real storyline, actors belonging to different countries speaking the same first language traveled in bulks to join the Pinoy TV Shows industry.

This changed the outlook of the Pinoy industry from Philippine based entertainment to a Tagalog based entertainment. There also came a need to improvise and for that purpose, English language Pinoy channel were introduced as well but the theme of the entertainment entities were locally based thus promoting the Philippine culture as well as point of view.

Among the most popular hit Pinoy teleserye that come under GMA network are Magpakailanman, Tadhana, Imbestigador and many innumerable projects that have lifted the Philippine network in the last decade from some where to everywhere.