Pusong Ligaw Cast a Famous 2017 Pinoy TV Show of Pinoy Tambayan

Pusong Ligaw

PUSONG LIGAW a drama like no other also known as “Lost hearts” has been chosen by the ABS CBN network as their noon time running show. The story of this romantic sensation has not much revealed as the story went on air in April 2017. But an 18 % rating of the pilot episode has made many people calling it a future masterpiece like IMPOSTORA and HAPLOS. But only time will tell the power of its plot and cast.

Of what has been aired so far, it seems like the story revolves around a beautiful powerful friendship that exceeds the realms of time and space but critics are of the view that deceit and betrayal shall also befall in this promised land of Pusong Ligaw. The story revolves around an aspiring woman Tess whose life has all that she needs when she lands with a perfect job but Marga (her best friend) also a rising model, steals Tess’s boyfriend and wrecks havoc in her life. Tess vows to take revenge from all those who wronged her. But what makes Pusong Ligaw unique is the fact that every character has a story and a reason to defend his/her actions.

The character Marga played by Sofia Andres in Pinoy Tambayan Pusong Ligaw may seem a protagonist at times but she lives in a world shadowed by her best friend Tess. All this hatred and jealousy piling up leads to a dire step taken by Marga at the cost of the destruction of their lifelong friendship. Joining Bianca in “Pusong Ligaw” are Beauty Gonzalez, Sofia Andres, Diego Loyzaga, Enzo Pineda, Joem Bascon, and Raymond Bagatsing. It premiered on Kapamilya Gold on April 24.

Apart from the beautiful storyline and the impressive lineup of stars, Pusong Ligaw tv series also boasts of breathtaking cinematography that rivals any movie. The mostly attractive part of the cast is the presence of famous beautiful movie actress Bianca King. Due to a large fan base ad absence from the television screen for the last two years, Bianca King has come back with a storm, at least that’s what the network is hoping.